What Happened To Our Dishes Last Winter

It was cold and it was solid and it wasn’t letting our dishes go.

25231901698.pngIt lasted for months; the block of ice that contained a good portion of our dishes. I even remember noting the date that the final dish broke free of the ice but I forgot it. Sometime in late spring, I think.

We had sold our house and moved to eastern Washington and were living in a trailer on raw land we bought.

When we first arrived in Colville in September of 2017 we met our neighbors and stories were told of winters in eastern Washington. Temperatures of -40, snow drifts up to the roof of your house. We got the all-knowing nod; the distant look in the eyes of the person who has just learned you are from “the coast” and that they must break the news to you of the impending doom that is winter in Stevens County.

Incidentally, you are from “the coast” if you are any where from the west side of the Cascade mountain range. It doesn’t matter how far inland you are; you are from “the coast”. I may or may not have heard people from that area referred to as “coasties” at one point.

But we heard the stories and they turned out to be true; for the most part. Winter sucked for us. Of course we weren’t prepared and me and our son went to live in an emergency shelter for 3 months while my husband stayed in our trailer on the property with the cat. I’ll go more into winter later but this story is about the block o’ dishes.

Our trailer is a semi piece of crap in that I bought it not really knowing what to look for in a trailer. It was too small and cramped and we had constant issues with the pipes. I can’t remember exactly why but I was doing dishes outside the trailer in the freezing cold. Things would freeze right up if I left them outside.

I think I’d come to get the dishes from the trailer to bring to the shelter when I piled them up in a tupperware sort of container just to get them out of the trailer. Our pipes had frozen up with no way to wash the them. I don’t remember exactly what happened but they sat in that container ready to go for a couple of days and, of course, the snow and/or rain happened. Before long they became one with a massive block of ice. And it was heavy.

Forks sticking out, pans, scrubbys; all manner of dinnerware was stuck in the berg and it was solid. No breaking it up because there was plastic, glass; things that would break if you did that. It ended up sitting there for a good couple of months before the spring thaw finally gave any hope of it melting. We must have bought more dishes or used what we had left but that thing didn’t finally release it’s icy grasp on the last dish until well into spring. I remember when it finally started breaking into smaller pieces that I could bring inside and run hot water over (we must have fixed the water system by that time).

This year we will be prepared. We are insulating.

Next post: Insulating or preparing for Armageddon?


More highlights coming:

  • The case of the missing coffee pot strainer lid
  • Mice: A trailer is a great source of food and nesting material
  • The cat – Asshole
  • Gobblers!
  • Deer: at first they were cute until they ate our garden


snow fun Not directly related picture of snow sculptures I made last winter to add interest to this blog. Hah!

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