A Little Song I Wrote

When I spent a couple of days in jail.

Yes, I spent a few days in jail at one point in my life. I told you I wasn’t perfect. 🙂

The last night I was there I got a hold of some caffeine. I wrote this. Those who have spent time there got it.

To be sung to “The Sounds Of Silence”

The Walls On Sunset By Linda Jordan

Welcome to Issaquah my friend
Its come to haunt you again
Guards and nurses are a-uncaring
Better hope that you’re not a-dying

The judge serves justice and knows that it’s all in vain
Misguided train
To the walls on Sunset

And they sit there in a row
Most 18 to 24
Young minds caught inside a shade of grey
No one cared enough to show the way

And justice is handed out days, weeks, months and years
And met with tears
Inside the walls on Sunset

Bordom creeps through every cell
Heads hung low in a-despair
Promises broken are a-routine
Lives a-crushed in an insane machine

A place where the guilty smile and lend a hand
While staff just stand
Inside the walls on Sunset

Rice and beans and casserole
Maybe butter and a role
Better not talk to a-trustee
Or they’ll lose their job and yellow T

And the staff just blankly stare-their faces stone
You feel alone
Behind the walls on Sunset

Another day another dream
To pass the time they mop and clean
Waiting for the day their family’s near
Longing for the love they can’t find here

But still they keep on trying to accept their fate
Eternal wait
Behind the walls on Sunset

And if you’re from the a-Valley
Dot your i’s and cross your t’s
Makes no difference to the SPD
Because you’re automatically guilty

15 miles on I 90
In cuffs and chains
Your wrists in pain
To the Walls on Sunset

Author: ldinlove

I live with my family, two cats, and at any given moment: ten dear, two turkeys, ten chicks, ten billion ants, ten thousand bees and wasps, two white rabbits, twenty angry squirrels, one occasional bear ( occasional works for me), a couple of snakes, the neighbor's stray dogs, and one very friendly skunk.

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