Another Dirty Poem

A different point of view.

As much as dirt gets in my house

Brought in by my lovely spouse

Really it’s quite magical

Dirt aint so bad after all

Holds my maters fast in place

Is my cats main bathroom space

Chocolate topping on the earth

To our food it does give birth

Holds our metals, gems and gold

Dirt is really really old

Is the perfect playground toy

Whether you’re a girl or boy

Gives your lawn a place so sit

And your house and other shit

In it I love to make holes

Is a place called home to moles

Keeps you cool if you’re a pig

Is the perfect place to dig

Dirt it holds up all our trees

I love dirt and dirt loves me





Author: ldinlove

I live with my family, two cats, and at any given moment: ten dear, two turkeys, ten chicks, ten billion ants, ten thousand bees and wasps, two white rabbits, twenty angry squirrels, one occasional bear ( occasional works for me), a couple of snakes, the neighbor's stray dogs, and one very friendly skunk.

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