The Monolith and Some Quick Updates

Our upgrades and fixes.

We’ve been slammed the past few days; hence no blog. Thought I’d post of couple of photos of one or our most impressive “looking” upgrades: Our new solar panel rack!

Took us a whole day and we just got our tent/shed today. Although not a structure of wood, it’s snow-load worthy. I hope it does what it says it does.


We have a new sweet addition to the family. A six month old kitty! Took him to the vet today. All is well. Getting snipped in a few weeks.

We discovered through a process of elimination, that, as I suspected, recharging the RV house batteries is taking up a huge chunk of our energy consumption. I have not seen ONE other person mention that when calculating their energy load for their solar setup.

We’ve also learned that almost ALL inverters shut down the battery bank WAY too late after the batteries are almost dead. An industry wide problem almost NOBODY is addressing, except Missouri Wind and Solar. They are the ONLY company that makes a low voltage shutoff relay. It turns off the power to the inverter when your batteries are at fifty percent or you can adjust to your preference (at your own risk).

If you value your battery bank you should order one here Low Voltage Disconnect Relay Switch. Ours is working perfectly so far and it was easy to install.


Catch up some more when I have a minute or two. Have a shed to put up tomorrow.


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3 thoughts on “The Monolith and Some Quick Updates”

    1. Thank you Kenneth! It looks so much better and the angle to the parallel is more accurate too.
      The cutoff switch is absolutely crucial and I can’t believe inverters are programmed to cut off at 10.5 when the batteries are already dead (unless you want to pay 700.00 and up for a programmable one). I guess one reason they are set at such a low cutoff is because of initial power surges that might trip them. Come on, someone could think of a fix for that).
      The controllers that came with our system are, in reality, rigged to work with only 12 volt (if you even have it hooked up) as far as it’s monitoring and shutoff capabilities and won’t disconnect the AC at 50%!. I was completely shocked that NOTHING was in place to disconnect when the batteries got down to 12.1 or 50%.
      When I talked to Missouri Wind and Solar before I ordered the shutoff switch, I explained to them that this was in industry wide problem and that there was a need for this. I couldn’t believe this problem wasn’t already being addressed by anyone but them.
      I mentioned that if they could make an in-line disconnect relay that you could plug your extension cords into that they would make a fortune but I don’t know if they took me seriously.
      If you have any technical know-how and could make a mock up, I’m already working with an invention company on something and I could propose that to them also. 50/50 major bucks to both of us, if so. It is a GREAT idea and there is a HUGE need.
      I’m going to write most of this in a blog as I think it’s crucial information. I just need more of an audience!

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