A Little Therapy

Is this bad?

As you may have heard, we’re not too fond of our neighbors on both sides. We try not to be negative; to dwell on it. People are people. Everyone has their side of the story but some people really have some traits that are just unpleasant if not a bad influence on one’s life and it’s just good to steer clear for one’s own protection.

This particular neighbor on one side is one of those.

When we first moved here, relations were as usual when you’re first getting to know someone then little things happen that kind of make you raise your eyebrows to yourself and that little red flag goes up. But, in all fairness, you let it go until it becomes a pattern. These things take time to play out but at a certain point, you come to a realization that you just don’t like the person and more than that, they may be really bringing you down.

This particular neighbor is one of those.

I’m being discreet and no names will ever be mentioned but this is all a part of our lives  and so bears some talking about. Besides, my husband and I have an interesting way of dealing with our feelings towards this person.

We call it therapy. I hope we don’t come across as cruel people but we’ve been playing a sort of “what if” game. We really get a kick out of coming up with hilarious scenarios of Dennis The Menace type moments with this person.

We make up stories and they’re so visual and comedic, that we absolutely bust up laughing and it makes our days go better. We don’t ever really mean any harm. It’s purely the visual aspect of our stories that make us laugh so hard. It’s a harmless way of dealing with our very real feelings of anger surrounding our past dealings with this person.

I’ll give you an example. I’m very much into sling shot and getting fairly good at it. I can now hit a tin can hanging from a tree from about 40 feet about one in 4 times.

I had a vision one afternoon recently of our neighbor going outside to pick up her newspaper and one of my balls zinging out of control, rocketing over the property line and hitting her square between the eyes. Her eyes go crossed and, just like in the movies, she goes over backward, straight as a telephone poll.

Am I sick to be thinking about or laughing at this? I did start to crack up uncontrollably and my husband asked what was so funny. I explained it to him and he joined in the laughter. We’ve come up with several other scenarios with much the same outcome. It just feels good to us. It makes us laugh about something that has been very unpleasant to deal with over the past year.

I questioned whether or not to write about this but I swear to you we’re nice people and not too mentally disturbed. Just eccentric.

I once wrote a very comical but nasty song about someone I greatly disliked. Someone who was disrespectful to myself and most of the people she dealt with. My counselor said it was a healthy way to deal with negative feelings. I believe it’s a sort of variation of the everyone’s naked in the room thing or “imagine your worst enemy with a clown nose on” thing.

I wouldn’t be talking about this at all except that we’re having so much damned fun  with it. You should hear the stories my husband has come up with. Imagine a slingshot ball made of ice going through her living room window and all havoc ensues. Think Christmas Vacation and the icicle scene. That’s the kind of stuff we come up with.

We’re bad. 🙂