Did I Already Have The Virus?

I regret not being tested.

As the Covid-19 virus ravages the U.S. and the rest of the world, it’s now spreading to the rural regions of America. I routinely check the local health department website for updates and learned about the first case near us a couple of weeks ago.

I also got sick a couple of weeks ago.

I don’t know if it was Coronavirus but I had a lot of symptoms that match. I had some intestinal issues starting a couple of days after the first reported case in our county. I didn’t think a thing of it until I woke up with a headache and difficulty breathing the next morning. I noticed my eyes were watering and thought that was really odd.

I didn’t feel too well in general and spent the whole day and part of the next in bed. I wondered if I had caught the virus and I called my doctor to ask what to do. They told me there was a testing station behind the hospital in the parking lot and told me to go there if I felt the need or if my symptoms worsened.

For two days I monitored myself and constantly debated whether or not to go. I didn’t want to wait too long if there was a chance things would get worse but I also didn’t want to go and be whisked into quarantine at a hospital if I tested positive. I was afraid, I guess.

Staying home and keeping myself isolated seemed like a reasonable option as I could stay away from other people in the comfort of my own home. I was ready to go in if necessary though.

I’d read that coconut oil might be effective against coronavirus so I was using it liberally. It’s natural, harmless, and even healthy so I thought “why not”? I melted it in my coffee and used it in place of cooking oil. I wonder if it helped if I had covid.

I also drank mullein tea for my lungs. I was glad I’d harvested some the previous summer.

I stayed home for the duration and recovered but now I’m wishing I’d gone in to be tested. That way I could stop worrying about catching the virus having known I’d already had it.

Could it have passed over our family harmlessly or are we still at risk of something potentially deadly? My husband and son had intestinal issues but seemed untouched otherwise.

It turns out that knowing how many people have had covid-19 and gotten better is potentially very useful. Generally, only people with symptoms go in to be tested so officials have no real idea of how much of the population currently has or has had it but have not been tested.

If they knew, perhaps some people could return to work plus officials would be better able to predict the course of the outbreak and the shape of the curve that is so often referred to in forecasts.

If I knew I could breath easier but I missed my chance.



Preparing For Coronavirus

I don’t scare easily but the coronavirus outbreak is a little bit different.

I have asthma so I am one of those people with an underlying condition and am theoretically at higher risk for complications or death. I have significant problems breathing some mornings and a little bit of exacerbation would not be a good thing.

I’m glad we’re out here away from town and not in close contact with other people. Our plan is to stay put for as long as possible when the crap hits the fan – which it will. I don’t know what the life cycle of this virus is so perhaps we aren’t being realistic. Still, minimizing our exposure to others seems prudent.

Today we stocked up on things that would help us stay comfortable for longer on our own. We grabbed a bunch of canned dinner-type items such as spaghetti and meatballs – things that provide protein but will keep indefinitely. A bag of potatoes and sweet potatoes seemed like a solid idea also.

We meant to buy some hand sanitizer but it was already sold out. Instead, we grabbed a few bottles of alcohol and some wipes so we could make our own version of sanitizing wipes – one for the car and one for home.

My husband grabbed the extra gas cans and propane cylinders to fill up.  Other than that, I’m not sure what else we can do. Our solar isn’t running at full strength but we can run most of our appliances and charge our batteries during the day.

We have plenty of wood on the property for heat and if it came down to it, for cooking over a fire. We have an unlimited water supply.

I looked up some natural antivirals and none are proven to be effective in warding off this virus but no proof doesn’t mean they don’t work. There simply isn’t evidence either way so we eat lots of garlic and I add coconut oil to my coffee for now – just in case.

Our entire school district closed this morning and some individuals are awaiting test results. The high school our son attends is being sanitized. I hope he isn’t sick.

If it wasn’t for my asthma, I wouldn’t worry as much but because I’m at a higher risk,  I’m ready to call the number that is listed in the local health department press release at the first sign of symptoms.

Being able to sustain ourselves for a good month is reassuring to me. But can we outlast the outbreak?