The Newest Neighbors

Learning to live with other humans again.

So we lost out in the great land rush. That is, we weren’t able to buy either of the adjacent lots to our property.

Our parcel was originally part of one large parcel which was divided into four. When we first came to see the property before we bought it, we were interested in the cheapest one. When we saw the place in person though, we discovered “our” part was mostly steep hillside. Our agent suggested we consider a different part of the whole. What we settled on had a little hillside, lots of trees, lot’s of level land, and was much better than our original choice. We ended up getting the best property out of the four though. By far.

Then we made an offer on the other upper lot and didn’t have enough of a down payment (although we had the amount asked for in the ad) and we had to pass. Then someone else got it. Darn.

There was always the hope that we’d get the lower two lots which had been combined to sell as one of them was the crappy one with the steep hillside no one wanted. It was still for sale up until last week.

How did we find out it had sold? We woke up one morning to see a strange  truck parked across from our property entrance. All four properties are serviced by one easement road ending in a dirt culdesac which is shared by all four. The truck was parked right off the opposite side – right across from our entrance and within clear view of us.

We were dismayed. For the last year, we’ve had the entire place to ourselves. My husband could walk outside and whip it out to pee with immunity and privacy.

No more. Those days are gone forever, or until we have a fence put up. You see, we’re intensely private people and the newest neighbors might as well have come up to our doorstep and set up a tent and a picnic table.

We almost feel violated. That might sound extreme but that’s how we feel.

We’d met our newest neighbors previously when they were just looking.  Nothing threatening except that they’re too close! They bought twelve acres and they’re “setting up shop” as my husband says, right across the culdesac from us. They have no right to do that! Er, maybe they do. That’s their land after all. But why there?

At least the neighbors from hell with the fifty yacking dogs didn’t get it. They tried, and to look on the bright side, maybe the newbies can help plow the half mile long driveway?

I think part of what’s bothering us about them as that when the gentleman was inspecting the property, he spray painted arrows all over the place including well over our property line. We were pissed. It was only spray paint but our property line was clearly marked

Now, we also have to live with real people again, like in the burbs, but we’ve forgotten how. We lived in a neighborhood with an HOA. Hate those. I did battle with them and won against a crooked and evil president but it still sucked living in a small subdivision where people who didn’t know what the hell they were doing were left to run amok as gubment officials. We moved in part, to get away from other people or to be able to interact when we wanted to. Not walk out your front door onto your regulation length lawn and interact with your neighbor ten feet away.

Call us curmudgeons but that’s the way we are. BTW, no lawn (although I kind of miss one because when I go outside in my fuzzy Thunder Bears night suit, I get all manner of stickers in them that poke me all night long)!

We snooped on our new friends out of our bubble wrapped windows by peeling the wrap down just enough to see and not be seen. We watched as they brought up a wood chipper and began to cut up trees around their truck/mobile home and mow their grass. How annoying. We’re the only ones allowed to do that. As far as we’re concerned, they can’t do anything right. It’s all wrong, illegal and annoying.

I hope you get that I’m poking fun at our own behavior. 🙂

At any rate, they are there and we’ll have to build a twenty foot tall privacy fence so my husband can roam freely on the range again and mark it. I can also go topless again. Just checking to see if you’d notice.

I’m sure we’ll get along just fine with the newest neighbors as long as they don’t pull out that can of spray paint again.